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Defining Exception Periods
Defining Exception Periods

How to Create Periods with Different Opening Hours.

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Create exception periods to adjust for times when your business operates differently than usual. A perfect use for occasions like summer holidays, seasonal reduction of opening hours, or other significant business closures.

  • Exception periods override your usual opening hours.

  • Setting up an exception period directly impacts your booking calendars and the availability of your products on TWICE.

  • As soon as the date of today falls within an exception period, its status changes to active, and your opening hours displayed on your Twice Store About section will be updated accordingly.

To create an exception period follow these steps:

  1. In your TWICE Admin, go to Settings > Opening Hours.

  2. Click Add Exception Period to start setting up a new exception period.

  3. Click the downward arrow to expand additional options.

  4. Choose the FROM date and the TO date to specify the date range or time period for the exception.

  5. Click Edit to adjust the opening hours during this specified time range.

  6. Set your desired hours for each day, with the option to differentiate between weekdays, weekends, or individual days. You can mark days as closed if needed.

  7. For multiple adjustments within the same period (e.g., different hours for different weekdays), add multiple rows to specify these variations accordingly.

Screenshot demonstrating two example exception periods, during which the store is set to be closed.

Additional Considerations

Other settings that may influence your product's availability are

  • Delivery time slots

  • Custom start times on Product Level

Both settings can defined to ignore store opening hours, and while thus also ignore your exception periods.

Remember to review your online store if everything is set up correctly.

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