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Adjusting Your Opening Hours
Adjusting Your Opening Hours

How to define the opening hours for your store and add times when your store is closed.

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Setting your opening hours on TWICE is a crucial step before launching your store. It enables you to receive online bookings efficiently.

Defining Default Opening Hours

To set up the opening hours for your store, follow these steps:

  1. In your TWICE Admin, go to Settings > Opening Hours.

  2. Add Rows to specify the days your shop is open. Use the drop-down selectors to pick the hours for each day. You have the flexibility to set different hours for weekdays, weekends, or each day individually.

  3. Add exceptions to select specific dates your opening hours differ from your default hours. Here, you can either modify the hours for specific dates or mark the store as closed by checking the "Store closed" option.

  4. Ensure you define opening hours or indicate closure for each day. If not, TWICE will automatically consider your store open 24h for days without specified hours.

Screenshot illustrating the opening hours settings interface in Twice, showing examples of default settings for weekdays and weekends, along with exceptions for specific dates.

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