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Navigating TWICE Rentals in your Wix dashboard
Navigating TWICE Rentals in your Wix dashboard

Learn to navigate in your TWICE Admin in your Wix backend and start renting your products in no time

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Mastering the TWICE backend (we call it the Twice Admin) is key to effectively managing your rental services on your Wix website. Once you've integrated TWICE with your Wix account, a suite of settings and features unlocks, ready to streamline your rental business operations.

Top bar insights

The top bar of your TWICE dashboard is designed to provide essential information at a glance:

  • Date, Time, and Connectivity Status: Situated at the very top, this trio keeps you informed about the current day and time, along with your connectivity status (online or offline), ensuring you're always in sync with your business operations.

Store name, profile, chat, and more

Just below the top bar, you'll find several key icons designed to enhance your TWICE experience:

  • Store name: On the left, you'll find your own store name. By default your new account is named "My store"

  • User Email: Click on your email address to access your profile settings or log out.

  • Resource Center: Next to your Email address, a ? Button awaits to connect you directly with our support team, open our help center or product updates for you.

Exploring the main navigation menu

On the left side, the main navigation menu is your gateway to all things TWICE:


The Home section acts as your operational dashboard, presenting a real-time overview of daily activities. Here, you'll find updates on upcoming rental orders and quick links to manage them, view details, and monitor inventory levels. This central hub also includes resources like a Quick Intro Video to TWICE and direct access to the Help Center and Chat Support, ensuring you have all the help you need to navigate the platform efficiently.

Create Order

Designed for flexibility, the Create Order function allows you to quickly place orders on behalf of your customers, whether they need immediate service or wish to make future reservations.

  • Learn how to create immediate start orders [here].

  • Discover how to set up future reservations [here].


Your new TWICE orders will populate both the TWICE Order section and the Wix orders dashboard.

  • For a guide on managing these orders within TWICE, click [here].


Kickstart your rental business with product examples preloaded in TWICE. You can customize these products and categories directly from the Catalog tab.

  • Find out how to build your product catalog [here].


TWICE's Inventory is tailored for rental item tracking, offering a distinct approach from sales-oriented systems. It organizes items into SKUs linked to your catalog, facilitating precise inventory management.

  • Understand your TWICE Inventory [here].

  • Learn how to set up your inventory [here].

  • Import and export inventory in bulk [here].


The Customers area provides a detailed list of your clients, complete with booking information. This segment enhances customer management through filtering, sorting, and exporting options, enabling effective data analysis and marketing strategies.

  • Utilize the customers list with our guide [here].


Adjust general store settings in the Settings tab, including name, address, and contact information, which appear in order confirmation emails for manually created orders. Here, you also define store opening hours, crucial for product availability.

  • Set up opening hours and special closures [here].


Fine-tune your products' appearance and operations in the Account section, covering aspects from typography to regional settings and language preferences. This section also allows for user management on the Expand Plan and provides access to performance reports.

  • Tweak General settings, Regional formats, and Language options [here].

  • Manage User permissions and roles [here].

  • View rental performance Reports [here].

  • Update your personal profile settings

  • And adjust Tax details [here]. Note, that any purchases made through the Wix cart will use Wix's tax settings, but you can still manage other tax details here for manually created orders.

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