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How to find your upcoming orders, filter and utilize them.

In your Twice Admin App navigate to Orders > Upcoming to view all your future rental orders.

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How to search for a specific order

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How to search for a specific order

On top of the list you have several options to search for any upcoming order

  1. Search by name or product code: Search by first or last name of your customers - if multiple customers placed one order together, any of their names will show the correct order. To locate a specific item, you can enter the entire article ID in the search bar
  2. Search by product: Click to open a dropdown menu showing all your existing products and select which product you are looking for. Results will show all orders that include the product
  3. Search by order status: Click to open a dropdown menu to find orders made via the booking link. Choose to find completed bookings by choosing confirmed. Choose on hold when looking for an order for which the customer has not fully completed the booking flow.
  4. Search by order type: Display orders that are already prepared or not prepared yet
  5. Search for expired orders: Orders for which the start time has already passed but have not been started yet can be viewed by ticking the box. The number next to expired indicates how many orders haven't been started on time.

Displayed information explained

All upcoming orders are grouped by starting date and displayed with those starting today at the top and those furthest in the future at the bottom of the list.

On the left side of each individual order card:

Each order displays the name of the customer who placed the order and the number of total people within the order.

Ready to start indicates the order is ready for fulfillment, this is also visualized with the green side of the booking card. Pending will be visualized yellow and failed delivery of the booking link returns a red side.

Additionally, the sales channel is displayed through which the order was created. Possible information here is via the online store, admin, or check-in app.

In the middle of each individual order card:

The total number of products is displayed for each order and a maximum of three products is listed below.

On the right side of each individual order card:

The start time of each order is displayed with the day of the week, date, and time. Start times on the current day are still shown in this view and are moved on the following day to the expired orders view. The screenshot above was taken at 11:30 on Mon. 2.1., thus the start time of the first order lies in the past and is shown in red.

Additionally, it is displayed whether an order is already prepared, if the order is for delivery, if a customer or staff comment exists, and if the order is paid or not.

Next steps:

From your upcoming orders overview you may want to

Start orders ->

Edit orders ->

Manage orders ->

Cancel orders ->