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Orders Overview in TWICE

Understand and Navigate Different Orders Sections in TWICE

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Managing orders efficiently is crucial for the smooth operation of your business. In TWICE, the Orders section is designed to help you effectively track and manage various types of orders through distinct subsections. Here's a guide to understanding these different sections.

Navigating to Orders in TWICE

Access your orders by navigating to the Orders section in your TWICE Admin. From there, you can delve into specific categories of orders: upcoming, active, pending, and completed. Each category is tailored to help you manage different stages of order fulfillment.

Upcoming Orders

  • Description: This section lists all rental orders that are set to begin either today or in the future. Orders are organized by their start date, with the nearest dates displayed first.

  • Utility: Keeping track of upcoming orders ensures you are prepared for future business and helps with resource allocation and scheduling.

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Active Orders

  • Description: Here, you'll find all orders currently in progress. These are grouped by their expected return date, arranged in ascending order.

  • Utility: Monitoring active orders allows you to manage ongoing rentals and ensure all operations are running smoothly.

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Pending Orders

  • Description: This section includes all orders that do not have a specific start date and are not fulfilled yet. Typically, this will cover sales orders pending completion.

  • Utility: Tracking pending orders helps see at a glance which sales orders are waiting for order fulfillment.

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Completed Orders

  • Description: Completed orders encompass all orders that have been fully processed and fulfilled in the past. This section provides details such as customer names, products, payment status, and other relevant data.

  • Utility: Reviewing completed orders can provide insights into past business activities, customer behavior, and can be useful for financial reconciliation and customer service follow-ups.

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By familiarizing yourself with these different sections within the Orders module of TWICE, you can enhance your order management practices, ensuring better service delivery and operational efficiency.

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