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Sending Payment Links

Learn What a Payment Link Is and How to Use It Through TWICE Admin

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TWICE Admin enables you to process booking inquiries efficiently by creating reservations and sending payment links for order completion, including online payment options.

What Is a Payment Link?

When creating orders on your customer's behalf you can choose to send an Email or SMS, including a Button with a unique URL. Clicking the button lets the customer complete reservation details, accept terms and conditions, and pay in advance. This secure method speeds up the service process, requiring only the correct customer contact information.

Step by Step: How to Send a Payment Link

  1. Create the Order:

    • Create a reservation for the future or an immediate start.

    • Ensure at least the customer's email address or mobile phone number is included in the customer details.

  2. Set Up the Payment Link:

    • In the Payment Summary, select Payment Link.

    • Click Edit to

      • modify available payment methods. By default, all manual and online payment methods are selected.

      • set an expiration date by which the customer needs to complete the order.

      • add an additional greeting or information for your customer.

        Screenshot of the "Edit Payment Link" screen, displaying the chosen payment methods and expiration period.

  3. Send the Payment Link:

    • Save any changes and click Confirm Order to send the link to your customer.

    • You will be redirected to the upcoming orders view. Click View Order at the bottom of the screen for quick navigation.

  4. Order Status and Completion:

    • The order will appear with a yellow border as Pending.

    • If the order is not confirmed before the expiration date, it will be canceled, and the products will be available for other customers.

    • Once your customer completes the necessary details, accepts the terms, and pays online, the status changes to Confirmed

    Screenshot of an order, sent to a customer via the Payment link. The orders has not been completed yet, so it shows the status "pending" and its expiration date.

Customer Journey When Receiving a Payment Link

  • Your customer immediately receives an email and SMS with the button, asking them to complete the order.

  • Upon accessing the link, they can review the order details, provide any missing information, accept the terms and conditions, and make a payment online.

    Watch the following video to see how customers can complete their order after clicking the button in the email:

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