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Preparing Orders for Delivery in TWICE
Preparing Orders for Delivery in TWICE

How to Efficiently Prepare and Handle Delivery Orders

Updated over a week ago

Managing and preparing delivery orders in your TWICE store is crucial for ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. Follow these detailed steps to streamline your process from order preparation to route planning.

  1. Filter Delivery Orders:

    • Navigate to Orders > Upcoming Orders in your TWICE Admin.

    • Tick the box labeled "Delivery" next to the search bar to filter for all delivery orders.

  2. Identify and Manage Delivery Orders:

    • You will see a list of all upcoming delivery orders, sorted by their start date.

    • Delivery orders can be recognized by the delivery icon on the bottom right of an order card. This icon is accompanied by the preparation deadline stated on the right side of the card

  3. Open and Review Order Details:

    • Click on the order to open it.

    • In the right panel at the top, click the delivery icon to access all delivery-related details for this particular order.

  4. Update Delivery Information:

    • Edit Address: Modify the customer's delivery or collection address if necessary.

    • Select Carrier: Choose one of your available carriers to handle the delivery.

    • Add Tracking ID: Enter a tracking ID to help you keep track of the delivery.

    • Mark as Prepared (optional): Mark the order as prepared to help manage your workflow.

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