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Preparing Online Bookings for Fulfillment
Preparing Online Bookings for Fulfillment

How to Prepare Online Bookings for On-Site Pick-Ups or Delivery

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Managing online bookings efficiently ensures a smooth experience for both you and your customers. This guide will help you prepare online bookings, focusing on upcoming orders that require your attention.

Preparing Upcoming Orders

TWICE does not differentiate orders by sales channel (Admin, check-in kiosk, or online store) in terms of preparation and service. The primary distinction is that admin and walk-in rentals can start immediately, while online bookings are typically for future dates.

  • Navigate to Orders > Upcoming to view all your upcoming orders and select the order you want to prepare by clicking on it.

  • Assign Specific Items: Choose the article ID for each ordered product by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

  • Mark an order as prepared: By clicking the Prepared tag, in the right panel of the order.

  • Upcoming Orders List: on the bottom right corner of the booking card will now show a "Prepared" tag.

Tip: Print Order Summary

Most TWICE users like to prepare their orders in advance and use a specific shelf or area for those prepared orders to save time and enhance the customer experience.

  • Prepare for individual customers: You may print an order summary for each individual customer by clicking the printer icon on the left side of the individual customer card. Each customer will have their own order summary detailing the products.

  • Prepare for the entire group: You may also select the printer icon on the top right to print an order summary for the entire order, e.g. for families or small groups.

  • You may attach the printed order confirmation to the prepared equipment for easy identification by customers.

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