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Exporting Delivery Routes

Guide to Planning and Managing Delivery Routes Efficiently

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Proper management of delivery routes is crucial for ensuring efficient and timely deliveries. This guide details the process of exporting delivery route information from TWICE, which helps in organizing your delivery schedules and improving logistics management.

Steps to Export Delivery Routes

  1. Access Export Options:

  2. Initiate Export Process:

    • On the top right of the page, click on the Export button, then select Delivery Routes from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select the Time Frame for Export:

    • Choose the specific time frame for which you want to export the delivery routes.

  4. Download the Spreadsheet:

    • Upon selecting the time frame and confirming your choice, a spreadsheet will automatically download to your system.

Contents of the Exported Spreadsheet

  • Carrier Tabs: Each carrier you work with will have their own dedicated tab within the spreadsheet.

  • Delivery Details:

    • Each tab lists all deliveries assigned to the respective carrier.

    • Details include the scheduled delivery time, items to be delivered, and customer contact details.

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