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Overview of an Individual Order in TWICE
Overview of an Individual Order in TWICE

Understanding the Structure of the Individual Order Page

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Gaining insight into each specific order is crucial for managing customer relationships and ensuring order fulfillment. Your TWICE Admin provides a detailed view of individual orders, accessible from the sections for upcoming, active, pending, or completed orders. Here’s a guide to understanding the layout and information presented on the individual order page.

Navigating to an Individual Order

  • Access: From any of the order categories (upcoming, active, pending, completed), click on an order to view its detailed information. The page is split into two main sections: customer-level information on the left and order-level information on the right.

Customer Level Information

  • Customer Cards: Each customer involved in the order has their own card, which can be accessed by clicking on the card itself or the icon next to the customer's name.

  • Details Displayed:

    • Customer Info: Shows the customer’s name and relevant contact details.

    • Rental Duration: Lists the duration for which the products are rented.

    • Additional Information and Comments: Any extra details or customer comments are noted here.

    • Ordered Products: Displays products associated with this customer, including prices and assigned article IDs.

Screenshot of an example order, highlighting the customer-level information of two customers and their associated rental products within one common order.

Order Level Information

  • Tools and Actions: Options to print or email the order confirmation, apply discounts, add comments, and view delivery details.

  • Order Details:

    • Creation Time and Channel: When and where the order was created (e.g., online store, admin panel).

    • Contact Information: Name and primary contact details associated with the order.

    • Start Time: Scheduled beginning of the service or rental period.

    • Order Summary: A brief overview of what the order entails.

  • Financials:

    • Payment Status and Channel: Current status of the payment and the method used.

    • Deposit: Information on any deposit required, including its status.

    • Payment Summary: Detailed breakdown of total costs, payments made, and balances due.

  • Operational Buttons:

    • Prepared Checkbox: Mark the order as prepared for fulfillment.

    • Start Order Button: Initiate the order as active.

    • Cancel Order Button: Cancel the order if necessary.

Screenshot of an example order, highlighting the order-level information, including tools & actions on the top, order and financial details below and operational buttons on the bottom.
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