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Delivery Overview

Explore Key Factors to Optimize the Delivery Setup for Your Online Store

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Using the delivery functionality in your TWICE store allows you to reach customers across diverse locations, offering methods like home delivery or pickup points. Before enabling these features, consider the following elements to ensure a smooth integration and operation.

Setting Up the Delivery Option

  1. Offer Multiple Delivery Options:

    • Provide different delivery options based on location. It is the customer’s responsibility to choose the appropriate option.

  2. Considerations for Delivery Costs:

    • Delivery cost and availability cannot be restricted by the order price or duration.

  3. Manage Time Slots Effectively:

    • Time slots are utilized for both delivery and collection. To prevent overlaps and ensure availability, consider setting up multiple shorter time slots rather than a few long ones.

Fulfilling Delivery Orders

  1. Finality of Delivery Orders:

    • Once a delivery order is placed by the customer, it cannot be edited. Ensure all details are correct before finalization.

  2. Online Store Restrictions:

    • Delivery orders must be processed through the online store, as manual order creation does not support delivery options.

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