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Operating as a Delivery-Only Business
Operating as a Delivery-Only Business

How to Remove the Option for In-Store Pickup and Switch to Delivery Only

Updated over a week ago

If your business model is focused exclusively on delivery services, you can modify your TWICE store settings to eliminate the in-store pickup option. This guide will walk you through the process of transitioning your store to operate solely on a delivery basis.

Steps to Switch to Delivery Only

  1. Access Store Settings:

    • Navigate to your Store's Settings in TWICE Admin.

    • Select the Online Store tab where you can manage different aspects of your storefront.

  2. Modify Store Mode:

    • Scroll to the Store mode section, which determines how your store operates in terms of order fulfillment.

    • Switch the lever to Delivery only. This action disables the in-store pickup option and configures your store to accept only delivery orders.

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