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Setting Up a Delivery Option in TWICE
Setting Up a Delivery Option in TWICE

How to Offer and Manage Deliveries Using TWICE

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Setting up delivery options in your TWICE store can expand your reach and offer greater convenience to your customers. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating delivery options that align with your operational needs and customer expectations.

Creating Delivery Options

  1. Access Delivery Settings:

    • Go to your TWICE Admin and navigate to the Delivery section.

    • Click on "New Delivery Option" in the Delivery options section to begin the setup process.

  2. Choose Delivery Type

    Renting products via delivery requires a two-way delivery setup: One way to get the items to your customers (delivery) and a second way to get the items back to you (collection).

    • Delivery & optional collection: Define separate prices for delivery and collection. Customer can choose whether they want to pay an additional fee to have their items collected or return the items themselves to your location.

    • Delivery & collection: Define a single price for delivering and collecting your items. Customers will always choose both, their delivery and and pickup time slot.

    • Only delivery: Define a price for one-way delivery. Customers return the items using separate return instructions.

  3. About:

    • Name and Pricing: Specify the name, price(s), and tax rates of your delivery option.

    • Customer Information: Describe any specific limitations or requirements that apply to this delivery option. Add potential return instructions.

  4. Delivery Area

    Define where your delivery option is available:

    • Home Delivery: Restrict availability by country. Customers will enter a street address for delivery.

    • Pickup Points: Choose pre-defined pickup points from your list. Customers will choose from the list at which pickup point they want to get their product(s) from.

  5. Products:

    • Select which products are eligible for this specific delivery option. This helps you manage which items can be delivered.

  6. Availability:

    • Min. booking duration: Define any restrictions based on the order duration to align with your delivery capabilities.

    • Delivery Slots: Specify exact dates or time slots when this delivery option will be available to customers.

  7. Handling Times:

    • Indicate the cut-off time for customers to place a delivery order to ensure adequate preparation.

    • Define the necessary time required before and after deliveries for effective handling and preparation.

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