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Adding Comments and Notes to an Order

How to Add Your Own Comments and Notes to an Order

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You can add internal comments that will be visible only to you and your team members. Comments can be attached at either the order level or for a specific customer within an order. Existing comments are indicated with a small green dot next to the comment icon.

Steps to Add Comments and Notes

  1. Navigate to Orders:

    • Go to your Orders page and select the order you want to add a note to.

  2. Add a Comment for a Specific Customer:

    • Click the comment icon on the customer card of the respective customer.

  3. Add a Comment to the Entire Order:

    • Click the comment icon in the right panel. Order comments are visible on top of the right panel.

  4. Write Your Note:

    • Enter your comment or note in the provided text field.

  5. Save the Comment:

    • Click Save to attach the comment to the order.


Here is an example order with two customers, with a comment on the second customer's card and another comment on order level.

Screenshot of an order with two customers, highlighting all possible comment icons. While the first customer does not have a specific comment attached, the second customer as well as the whole order show a comment attached.

Caution: Do not add any sensitive customer information, such as social security numbers or credit card details, as a note to any booking. This is not secure and can violate GDPR laws.

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