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Canceling an Order in TWICE
Canceling an Order in TWICE

How to Cancel an Upcoming Order

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, it may be necessary to cancel an upcoming order. This guide explains the steps to cancel an order and considerations for handling refunds.

Steps to Cancel an Upcoming Order

  1. Navigate to Upcoming Orders:

  2. Cancel the Order:

    • Click Cancel Order at the bottom of the right panel.

    • Confirm the cancellation when prompted.

Handling Refunds

Depending on the payment status and your refund policy, you may want to issue a refund for the canceled order.

Refunds: Canceling an order does not automatically initiate a refund. You must process any refunds manually according to your policy.

Caution: Once canceled, the order cannot be restarted. To revert the cancellation, you will need to create a new booking.

Note: Customers cannot cancel their own orders independently.

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