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Adding and Deleting Products from an Order
Adding and Deleting Products from an Order

How to Add or Delete Products from an Existing Booking in TWICE

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You can add or delete products from upcoming or active rental orders to accommodate customer needs. Products are always associated with a person included in the booking, so managing products is done within the customer card of an order.

Adding Products to an Order

  1. Navigate to Orders:

    • Go to your upcoming or active orders page and select the order you want to edit.

  2. Select Customer Card:

    • Click Add Products on the customer card you want to add products to.

  3. Select Products:

    • Use the search bar to search by product name or filter by product category.

    • If you want to add more products to another person within that order, navigate to the second person by clicking on their name in the right panel.

  4. Update Order:

    • Click Update order. The payment status will update automatically and will display the remaining price to be paid. Extra charges must be handled manually. Additionally, you may want to assign the respective article IDs.

Adding Products with a Barcode Scanner

  1. Select Customer Card:

    • If the order has multiple customers, select the individual customer card or the customer icon with the name at the top to which you want to add a product.

  2. Scan Barcode:

    • Scan the product’s barcode. If the item doesn't match existing products in the order, a modal will appear to add it to the order.

      • For product packages, choose to add the single product only or the entire package.

  3. Confirm Addition:

    • Click Add product.

Deleting Products from an Order

  • Upcoming Orders: Products can be entirely removed.

  • Active Orders: Products can be returned early but not deleted. This ensures inventory management stays up to date, allowing for product switches during the rental period.

  1. Navigate to Orders:

    • Go to your upcoming or active orders page and select the order you want to edit.

  2. Select Products:

    • Inside the customer card, select the products you want to delete.

  3. Delete or Return:

    • Click Delete (for upcoming orders) or Return (for active orders).

    • If the products have been paid for in advance, manage refunds accordingly

Note: A customer card must hold at least one product. To remove the last product from a customer card, either add a new product first or remove the customer entirely from the order.


Products cannot be edited in:

  • Subscription orders

  • Sales orders

  • Completed orders

  • Delivery orders

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