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Sending Order Confirmations Manually

How to Manually Send Order Confirmations to Your Customers

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you may need to manually send or resend an order confirmation to your customer. This can be useful in various situations, such as

  • After applying changes to an existing order.

  • When sending order confirmations automatically is disabled.

  • When the order confirmation should be sent to a different email address.

Steps to Manually Send Order Confirmations

  1. Open the Order

    • Navigate to the specific order for which you want to send the confirmation.

  2. Click the Envelope Icon:

    • Click the envelope icon on the top of your right sidebar.

  3. Check or Edit the Email Address:

    • Ensure the email address is correct or edit it if needed.

  4. Send the Confirmation:

    • Click Send to dispatch the order confirmation to the customer

Screenshot of an individual order, highlighting the envelope icon from which an order confirmation can manually be sent.
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