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Exporting Orders to Spreadsheet

How to Automatically Send Your TWICE Orders to Google Sheets

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This guide demonstrates how to establish a connection between your TWICE account and Google Sheets, enabling the automatic addition of new rows for each TWICE booking. This setup serves as a foundation for further data analysis, customization, or automated communications based on your booking data. Completing the setup requires no technical expertise and should take about 10 minutes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Connection

Once you've configured your Google and Make accounts as per the prerequisites, open the Make scenario template. Here's how to get started with a new scenario from this template:

Step 1: Create a Webhook in Make

  1. Choose to add a webhook and give it a descriptive name, like “Orders to Sheets”, then save.

  2. Copy the blue URL that appears to your clipboard but don’t close the Make window.

  3. In TWICE Admin, go to Account > Integrations, add a new Webhook with the following settings:

    • Triggers on: Choose order/updated.

    • URL: Paste the URL from your Make scenario.

    • Test your Webhook: Click to send a test request and proceed only when successful. If the test fails, go back to Make to redetermine data structure before retrying the test in TWICE Admin.

    • Label: Provide a descriptive label for the webhook.

Step 2: Configure Google Sheets Modules

For each of the highlighted Google Sheet Modules, follow these steps:

Screenshot of the entire make scenario, highlighting the 4 Google Sheet modules to be adjusted

  1. Select your Google Account

  2. Choose the previously created Spreadsheet and Order Sheet

Step 3: Save & Test the Setup

  • Save the scenario in Make, toggle it ON, and opt to process old data.

  • Test the integration by placing, editing, and canceling an order in TWICE Admin to confirm the changes reflect in the Spreadsheet.

Congratulations, your TWICE orders will now automatically sync with your Google Sheets, providing a dynamic and up-to-date view of your bookings.

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