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Refunding Payments in TWICE
Refunding Payments in TWICE

How to Refund Payments to Your Customers

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Refunding payments to your customers can be managed directly through the TWICE Admin. This guide outlines the steps for processing refunds and considerations regarding payment fees.

Warning: Once a payment has been refunded, the action cannot be undone.

How to Refund Payments to Your Customers

  1. Navigate to Orders:

    • Select the order for which you want to issue a refund.

  2. Open Payment Summary:

    • Click on Payment Summary in the right panel.

  3. Initiate Refund:

    • Click Refund on the right side of the Payment Summary page.

  4. Set Refund Amount:

    • Refund all or part of the payment by setting a percentage or total amount.

    • Click Refund to process.

  5. Handling Security Deposits:

    • On the same page, you can also Charge or Release security deposits as needed.

Manual Refunds:

  • For payments made outside of TWICE (e.g., in-store using cash), manually refund the payment to your customer and mark it in TWICE to keep your reports up to date.

Note: TWICE only processes automatic refunds for payments made through TWICE's online checkout.

FAQ: Are Payment Fees Refunded as Well?

Online payment fees are captured at the moment a payment is made and are not refunded to you when you issue a refund to your customer. It is advisable to have a refund policy in place.


  • A customer places an order and pays $100.

  • A payment processing fee of $1 is deducted at the moment of payment.

  • $99 is paid out to your bank account.

  • If you refund the full $100 to the customer, the $1 payment fee remains applicable.

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