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Your Upcoming Orders
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Staying on top of upcoming orders is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and timely fulfillment. Your TWICE Admin provides a comprehensive overview of all your future rental orders, allowing you to efficiently manage and prepare for upcoming activities.

Navigating to Upcoming Orders

  • Access: To view your upcoming orders, navigate in your TWICE Admin in the left menu to Orders > Upcoming. Here you will find all orders scheduled to start in the future.

Searching for a Specific Order

  • Name or Product Code: Via the search bar, search by the customer's first or last name, or enter an article ID to locate specific items within orders.

  • Product: Use the dropdown menu to select a product and view all orders containing that product.

  • Order Status: Filter orders by booking status—choose Confirmed to see completed bookings, or On Hold to find orders pending customer completion.

  • Order Type: Display orders based on their preparation status, such as ready or not yet prepared.

  • Expired Orders: Check for orders that have not started as scheduled by ticking the box for expired orders.

Displayed Information Explained

  • Order Grouping: Orders are grouped by start date, with those beginning today displayed at the top and future orders listed sequentially.

  • Order Card Details:

    • Left Side: Displays the customer’s name, the total number of people included in the order, and readiness indicators (green for ready, yellow for pending, red for failed).

    • Middle: Shows the total number of products in the order, listing up to three specific products.

    • Right Side: Indicates the start time and date of each order, including the day of the week and exact time. Orders starting today but past their start time are marked in red and moved to expired orders the next day. Additionally, you'll find here if the order is for delivery, if a customer or staff comment exists, and if the order is paid or not.

Possible Next Steps

From the upcoming orders page, you may:

  • Start Orders: Begin order processing as per the scheduled start time.

  • Edit Orders: Make necessary changes to customer details, products, or dates.

  • Manage Orders: Adjust order statuses, preparation steps, or other administrative details.

  • Cancel Orders: Terminate orders as needed due to changes in customer plans or inventory availability.

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