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Pickup points

What are pre-defined pickup points and how to create them?

Pre-defined delivery and pickup locations refer to specific addresses or designated spots where customers can receive or return rented items. With Twice, you can pre-define these locations in your Delivery settings in the admin panel, making it easier for your customers to select the most convenient option during the rental process.

Note: The number of available pickup points depends on the user's plan (1 in the Free plan, 2 in Discover, 5 in Build, and 20 in Advance). 

On this page:

What are pickup points?
How to create a pickup point?
How to assign a pickup point to a delivery option? 

Creating pickup points 

  1. In your Twice Admin, navigate to Delivery.
  2. Under Pickup Points, select New Pickup Point
  3. A modal will appear, allowing you to enter the details of the new location:
    • Name of the Pickup Point
    • Address
    • Additional information
  4. Click save to create the newly defined location

Assigning a pickup point to a delivery option

  1. Click on the delivery option in question
  2. Scroll down to Delivery area and select the created pickup point (or multiple) from the drop-down menu
  3. Click save to retain the changes