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Managing your billing information

How to add and edit the payment method used to pay your Twice invoices

Your invoices are paid using the payment card that's marked as your default payment method. By default Twice requires a debit or credit card for invoicing - in some cases, we also allow bank transfers and custom payment methods for our invoices, reach out to your account manager or Twice Support to discuss this option individually.

On this page:

Adding a payment card

Adding your business information

Adding a payment card

To add a new payment card, navigate to your Account > Plan & Billing.

Click +Add and fill in your payment card details:

  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • Name of the card holder

Finally, click Add.

Adding your business information

From your Account > Plan & Billing you can also add your business information, so it is printed correctly on your invoices. If the information is left empty, Twice uses the information in Account > General by default.

Edit your:

Business Information

  • Legal business name
  • Business ID

VAT number

  • The VAT number of your business (If you're an EU-based merchant and are eligible for exemption from VAT)

Caution: Verifying a new VAT number can take up to one business day.

Billing address to be printed on your invoices

  • Choose the store address as set under Account > General or
  • Enter a custom billing address

Billing email where you want to receive your Twice invoices

  • use your Account email address or
  • use your store email address or
  • enter a custom email address

You can return to this page whenever you have to make changes to your billing information.