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Understanding the TWICE Pricing Plans

Learn about TWICE's flexible pricing and invoicing process

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TWICE offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of our users, recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to pricing. Whether you're just starting out, or looking to expand your online store, TWICE provides several plans with different features and fees to support your journey.

Getting Started with a FREE 3-Day Trial

  • Begin with a Free Trial: Signing up with TWICE gives you a 3-day free trial of our Discover plan, allowing you to explore the essentials of renting and selling products and building your online store at no initial cost.

  • Upgrade as You Grow: After the free trial, you can upgrade to the Discover plan for just 1 USD for the first month or trial the Build plan for the same price, gaining access to additional features as your business expands.

Plan Fees Explained

  • Monthly Subscription: Each TWICE plan includes a monthly (or annually) fee that grants you access to our platform and its services.

  • Transaction Fees: For every online payment you receive, TWICE charges a transaction fee.

  • Extra Charges: Adding more store locations may incur additional fees.

  • VAT information: Please note that all prices listed on our pricing page are exclusive of VAT at 0%.

Subscription Costs: Monthly and Annually

  • Recurring Charges: Your plan's monthly fee is billed automatically to your registered credit or debit card.

  • Invoices: You'll receive an invoice for each billing cycle ahead of time.

  • VAT information. Make sure to verify your VAT number, if applicable, to receive invoices correctly adjusted for VAT.

  • Annual Savings: Pay your invoices annually to save 25% on the monthly subscription fee.

Your TWICE Billing Cycle

  • 30-Day Cycle: TWICE invoices you every 30 days for the subscription price and any applicable fees for additional services.

  • Extended Cycles: Opt for yearly or biennial billing to receive discounts on your subscription.

Your Payment Methods

  • Default Payment Method: Invoices are paid using the payment card set as your default under Account > Plan & Billing.

  • Updating Payment Information: Learn how to add or edit your payment methods to ensure smooth processing of your TWICE invoices.

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