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FAQ - Booking Buffer
Updated over a week ago

Why Can't I Place an Order Even Without or With a Short Booking Buffer?

If you're unable to book a slot despite setting a shorter booking buffer, it might be due to a more restrictive buffer in the product category to which the product belongs.


You set a 1-hour booking buffer on a product, but it belongs to a category with a 2-hour booking buffer. The system will enforce the 2-hour buffer, preventing bookings within that two-hour window.

What to do

  1. Check the Product Booking Buffer: Verify the buffer time you've set directly on the product.

  2. Review Product Categories: Determine which categories the product belongs to.

  3. Examine Category Buffers: Look at the booking buffers set for these categories and see if any are more restrictive than the product’s own buffer.

  4. Modify If Necessary: If needed, adjust the buffers to ensure they align with your operational needs and customer expectations.

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