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Creating Online Booking Buffers for Categories
Creating Online Booking Buffers for Categories

Learn how to Set Booking Buffers for Product Categories

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Setting up booking buffers for product categories in TWICE is essential for managing customer expectations and ensuring the availability of your products. This guide will walk you through the steps to create online booking buffers at the category level, which determine how far in advance a reservation must be made.

Introduction to Online Booking Buffers

Booking buffers help prevent last-minute bookings that could disrupt inventory management and customer service. In TWICE, you can set these buffers to ensure there is adequate lead time for reservations, helping your team prepare and plan accordingly. Products can belong to multiple categories and may also have individual booking buffers set, which you can manage through Managing Individual Product Booking Buffers.

How to Set up Category Booking Buffers

  1. Access Category Settings: In your TWICE Admin, navigate to Catalog > Categories, and select the category you wish to edit.

  2. Locate Booking Buffer Settings: Scroll down to the Online Booking Buffer section.

  3. Set Minimum Notice: Under the title "Reservations must be made latest," define the time frame customers must adhere to when placing orders.

  4. Save Your Changes: Ensure you save your modifications to apply the new setting

Understanding booking Buffer Prioritization

  • Multiple Categories and Individual Settings: If a product is part of multiple categories or has its own specific booking buffer, TWICE will automatically select the most restrictive buffer. This ensures that the most stringent requirement is always met, safeguarding product availability and operational readiness.

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