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Managing Inventory in a Multi-Store TWICE Account
Managing Inventory in a Multi-Store TWICE Account

Learn How to Edit Inventory Across Multiple Store Locations

Updated over a week ago

When creating or editing your inventory for a multi-store location the location distinction takes place on article level. Meaning, your SKUs are available across all store locations, but the articles are assigned to one specific location only. This way you can for example easily create a shared product for all your store locations at once, but assign individually the single items that are physically available on each location.

Inventory View for Multiple Stores

  1. Accessing the Inventory:

    • Navigate to the Articlestab in your inventory section on TWICE Admin.

    • By default, articles from your currently active store are displayed.

  2. Viewing Articles Across Stores:

    • To view inventory across multiple locations, use the "Store" dropdown to select different stores.

Switching Articles from One Location to Another

  1. Select the Article to Move:

    • In the inventory view, click on the article you want to relocate.

  2. Change the Location:

    • Select the new location for the article from the dropdown menu.

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