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Editing Your Inventory Articles in TWICE
Editing Your Inventory Articles in TWICE

Learn How to Edit or Delete Your Inventory Articles and Their Specifications

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Managing your inventory articles effectively ensures that your stock remains updated and accurately reflects the current state of your physical assets. TWICE provides intuitive tools for editing or removing articles and their properties.

How to Find a Specific Inventory Article

  1. Navigate to Articles: In your TWICE Admin, go to Inventory > Articles.

  2. Use Filters: Apply filters to refine your search:

    • Store Locations: (For businesses with multiple locations) Choose which stores the article is available in.

    • SKU Selection: Filter by specific SKUs from a dropdown menu.

    • Article Status: Filter articles by their status (In use, Out of use, Lost, or Sold).

    • Search Bar: Type keywords to search across all data fields.

    • Column-Specific Filters: Use the three vertical dots to filter specific column values. Multiple filters can be applied simultaneously to narrow your search.

How to Edit an Article

  1. Select an Article: From the Articles page, click on the article you wish to modify.

  2. Edit Properties: A new page will open where you can edit or add specifications for the article. This is useful for:

    • Changing the article’s allocation: from rental to sale.

    • Changing the article's status:

      • Temporarily taking an article out of use e.g. due to maintenance.

      • Marking an article as lost if it cannot be located.

      • Marking an article as sold if it was sold externally.

      • taking an article back in use e.g. after maintenance..

    • Updating the location of the article, such as moving it to another store.

    • Adding new specifications according to your requirements, such as size, color, listing price, ...

How to Delete Articles or Specifications

  1. Delete Entire Articles:

  2. Remove Custom Specifications:

    • Click on the three vertical dots menu next to the specification name.

    • Select the delete action to remove that specification. Note that fixed specifications provided by TWICE cannot be deleted.

Important Considerations

When editing or deleting articles, remember that these changes will affect only future transactions and uses of the articles. Existing records or ongoing transactions will not be retrospectively adjusted. Careful management of these details ensures that your inventory system accurately tracks and reflects the real-time status of each item, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

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