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Adding New Store Locations in TWICE
Adding New Store Locations in TWICE

Learn how to Add Multiple Store Locations to Your TWICE Account

Updated over a week ago

Adding new store locations to your TWICE account enables you to expand your business presence and cater to a wider customer base. This guide will help you understand the steps to activate new stores:

Steps to Activate a New Store

  1. Navigate to Account Settings:

    • In your TWICE Admin, navigate to Account > Stores

  2. Initiate Store Addition:

    • Click on New Store to start the process of adding a new location.

  3. Name Your Store:

    • Enter a name for your new store. This name can be modified later if needed.

  4. Review Additional Fees:

    • Potential additional fees for adding a new store are displayed in this step. Ensure you review these costs in the view where you enter the new store’s name.

  5. Confirm the Addition:

    • Click on Confirm to finalize the creation of your new store.

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