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Managing Multiple Stores with TWICE
Managing Multiple Stores with TWICE

Learn how to Effectively Manage Multiple Stores with TWICE

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Managing multiple store locations through TWICE allows you to operate various physical and operational lines distinctively and efficiently. Each store you set up in TWICE can be customized independently, letting you tailor aspects like product catalogs, inventory, opening hours, staff permissions, and online storefronts to meet specific needs.

Introduction to Multi-Store Management

When operating multiple stores, TWICE enables you to maintain a unique setup for each location. This functionality enhances your ability to serve customers from various geographic and operational segments by allowing them to choose their preferred store. Key customizable features for each store include:

  • Product Catalog: Tailor what products are available at each location.

  • Inventory Management: Keep track of stock levels independently for each store.

  • Opening Hours: Set specific operating times for each store.

  • Users: Manage access and permissions for staff working at each location.

  • Online Store Customization: Design and manage each store's online presence uniquely.

Note: The ability to manage multiple stores is available on our Advanced and Enterprise Plans.

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