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Sharing Products Across Locations in TWICE
Sharing Products Across Locations in TWICE

Learn What Shared Products Are and How to Manage Their Visibility Across Multiple Stores

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Shared products in TWICE are available in more than one store location. These products are essential for businesses operating across multiple sites, allowing for a unified product catalog while managing specific inventory needs. This guide details the concept of shared products and how to manage their visibility across different stores.

They are typically marked with a "Shared" tag in your product catalog, making them easily identifiable.

Viewing Shared Products

By default, the product catalog in your TWICE Admin only displays products available at the currently active store. To view shared products or adjust which products are visible at a specific location, you need to manage the settings individually for each item.

How to Share and Hide Products from Stores

  1. Access the Product Settings:

    • Open the product you wish to edit from your product catalog in TWICE Admin.

  2. Navigate to the Stores Section:

    • Click on the product's Settings tab and scroll to the section labeled Stores.

  3. Adjust Visibility Settings:

    • This section will list each store along with a visibility status indicating whether the product is visible or hidden in that location.

    • Click on the visibility status to toggle between making the product visible or hidden.

  4. Save Your Changes:

    • Ensure to click Save to apply any changes made to the product’s visibility across different stores.

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