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Creating Pickup Points

Understanding and Setting Up Pre-Defined Pickup Points for Customer Convenience

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Pickup points are specific addresses or spots predefined by you where customers can collect or return rental items. Here’s how you can set them up in TWICE:

Creating Pickup Points

  1. Access Delivery Settings:

    • In your TWICE Admin navigate to Delivery.

  2. Add a New Pickup Point:

    • Under the section titled Pickup Points, select New Pickup Point.

    • A modal window will appear where you can enter the details for the new location:

      • Name of the Pickup Point: Assign a clear and descriptive name.

      • Address: Provide the exact address to ensure customers find it easily.

      • Additional Information: Include any other relevant details that would assist customers in locating or using the pickup point.

  3. Save the Location:

    • Click Save to create the newly defined pickup point. This location will now be available for selection during the rental process.

Assigning a Pickup Point to a Delivery Option

  1. Modify Delivery Options:

    • Click on the delivery option you wish to modify.

  2. Select Pickup Points:

    • Scroll down to the Delivery Area section.

    • Select the created pickup point (or multiple, if applicable) from the dropdown menu.

  3. Save Changes:

    • Click Save to apply the changes. This ensures that the selected pickup points are linked to the specific delivery option, making them available to customers when they choose their pickup preferences.

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