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Customize Your About Page

How to Add and Edit Information on Your About Page

Updated over a week ago

Your About page serves to provide your customers with essential information about your business, operations, contact details, and any other pertinent information.

Adding and Editing Content

  1. Access the Customizer:

    • In your TWICE Admin, navigate to Settings > Online Store.

    • Select About from the top left dropdown menu.

  2. Add Sections:

    • Click +Add Section to create different modules for your About page.

    • Within each section, you can add images or text blocks by clicking +Add Content.

  3. Organize Your Content:

    • Use the Drag & Drop feature to position the sections as desired, ensuring your content is displayed in the most effective order for your customers

    Screenshot of an edited About section, displaying company information, team photo, visiting hours and contact details.
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