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Changing the Order of Product Categories

How to Change the Order of Product Categories in Your Online Store

Updated over a week ago

Product categories are used to organize your product catalog and improve the customer experience in your online store. Follow these instructions to change the order in which your product categories appear.

Steps to Change Product Category Order

  1. Navigate to Your Product Categories Page:

    • In Your TWICE Admin, navigate to your Catalog

    • Select the Categories tab.

  2. Reorder Categories:

    • Click on the small up and down arrow icon labeled Reorder above the category listing.

    • You can now change the order in which the categories appear in your online store via drag and drop.

    • Simply click on the arrow symbol on the product cards and move them across the screen to rearrange them to your liking.

  3. Save Your Changes:

    • Remember to save your changes to ensure the new order is applied.

Screenshot of a TWICE Catalog, showing the Categories tab and highlighting the "Reorder" button to change the order of the categories.
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