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Changing the Order of Products

How to Change the Order in Which Products Are Displayed in Your Online Store

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You can control the order in which products are shown within each category of your online store. Here’s how to manage the display order of your products:

Steps to Change Product Order

  1. Navigate to Your Categories Listing:

    • In your TWICE Admin select the Catalog

    • Navigate to the Categories section

    • Choose the Category in which you want to rearrange the products.

  2. Reorder Products:

    • Scroll down to the Products section within the chosen category.

    • Click on the small up and down arrow icon labeled Reorder above the products.

    • You can now change the order in which the products will appear in the category via drag and drop.

    • Simply click on the products and move them across the screen to rearrange them to your liking.

  3. Save Your Changes:

    • Remember to save your changes to ensure the new order is applied.

Screenshot of two products within a category, highlighting the arrows on the top right to rearrange their display order.

Important Note

Products must be part of a category to be rearranged, even when using the product listing and not the category listing.

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