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Manage Your Transactional Messages in TWICE
Manage Your Transactional Messages in TWICE
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Transactional messages are a key component of effective communication between your business and your customers. These automated messages provide essential information at various stages of the customer journey, ensuring a smooth and informed experience.

Automatic Sending

All transactional messages are sent automatically based on specific triggers within the TWICE platform. This automation helps maintain consistent and timely communication without requiring manual intervention.

Switch Off Option

Depending on your chosen pricing plan, you can decide yourself which messages should be sent to your customers automatically through TWICE.

  • In your Twice Admin navigate to Settings and select Email.

  • Choose which emails are automatically sent by Twice to your customers by switching emails on or off with the dial on the left side.

  • You can also click test and enter your preferred email address to send test emails to yourself.

Switching off automated messages allows you e.g. to build tailored communications via webhooks, giving you greater control over the content and timing of your messages.

Learn more about setting up custom messaging solutions via webhooks -->


Currently, the content of these transactional messages cannot be edited. This ensures consistency and reliability in the information provided to your customers.

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