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TWICE Webhooks

Learn How to Create New Webhooks and Integrate TWICE With Other Applications

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Webhooks offer a robust method for building custom integrations, enabling external services to respond to activities within your TWICE account. These can be utilized to trigger various actions, such as sending customers an email for a review after a booking return or notifying your team about a product reservation that requires special attention.

Note: Ensure your TWICE plan is upgraded to Build or Advance to utilize this feature.

Creating Webhooks in TWICE

  1. Access Webhook Settings: Navigate to Account > Integrations in your TWICE Admin and click Add Webhook to launch the webhook setup wizard.

  2. Define the Trigger Event:

    • Select the event you wish to trigger the webhook. For instance, choose "Order Started" and then click Next.

  3. Configure the Notification URL:

    • Enter the URL to which the webhook should send notifications when the trigger event occurs. This URL is typically provided by the service you're integrating with, like Zapier or You can set the webhook to notify up to 5 different URLs. For example, using a test URL from, paste the URL, click Add, and then Next to proceed.

  4. Test Your Webhook:

    • Verify the webhook's functionality by sending a test request to ensure it notifies the target service accurately. After sending a test request, you should see the data successfully transmitted to your specified URL, which can be confirmed on in the request explorer.

  5. Label Your Webhook:

    • Give your webhook a descriptive name for easy identification. After labeling, click Create Webhook to finalize its creation. Your new webhook, such as "My Test Webhook," will now be visible in your list of webhooks.

That's it - you've successfully created a webhook in TWICE.

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