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Automating Tasks with TWICE and Zapier
Automating Tasks with TWICE and Zapier

Learn How to Connect TWICE with Zapier for Automated Task Management

Updated over a week ago

Connecting Twice to Zapier is easy even though Zapier does not yet have a dedicated TWICE app. You'll be able to use Twice with Zapier with the help of webhooks.

Setting Up Your Integration

  1. Initiate a New Zap: Begin by creating a new Zap on Zapier. For guidance, visit Zapier's Help Center an Creating a Zap.

  2. Configure the Trigger Event:

    • Choose "Webhooks by Zapier" as the trigger for your new Zap. For detailed instructions, refer to Setting up Webhooks.

    • After setting up the trigger, Zapier will provide a unique URL for POST requests. This URL is crucial for the following steps.

  3. Establish a Webhook in TWICE:

    • With the URL from Zapier, proceed to create a new webhook in your TWICE Admin. Input the provided URL to establish the connection. For a detailed guide on creating a webhook in TWICE, review the dedicated article.

  4. Finalize Your Automation:

    • Upon configuring the webhook, Zapier will be alerted each time the specified trigger event occurs in TWICE. You can now finalize your Zap by deciding the subsequent actions to be taken whenever TWICE sends a notification to Zapier.

Congratulations! You've successfully linked TWICE with Zapier!

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