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Editing the End Time of an Order
Editing the End Time of an Order

How to Change the End Time of Your Upcoming and Active Orders

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Adjusting the end time of an order allows for flexibility in accommodating customer needs. This guide explains how to change the end time for individual products within an order.

Limitation: End times for delivery and subscription orders cannot be changed manually.

Each product can have its own return time, so changes are applied at the customer card level. You may edit all products simultaneously to edit the entire order's duration.

How to Edit the End Time

  1. Navigate to the Order:

    • Select the order you want to edit and click Edit on the customer card.

  2. Select Products:

    • Choose the product(s) for which you want to change the return time.

  3. Edit End Time:

    • Click Edit end time and pick a new date and time from the calendar.

  4. Save Changes:

    • Click Save.

    • Click Update Order to apply the changes.

Screenshot from the Editing view of an order, showcasing the booking calendar and availabilities to select the new return time.

Implications of Changing the End Time

  • Duration Calculation: The duration is now calculated in exact hours, even if this might not be a rental option in your store.

  • Price Adjustment: Changing the end time of an order adjusts the order duration automatically. However, it does not adjust the price.

  • Note: Always review the updated order before confirming any changes with your customers to ensure accuracy.


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