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Selecting the Correct Order Duration and Price
Selecting the Correct Order Duration and Price

How to Accurately Select Order Duration and Price When Creating Orders in TWICE Admin

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When manually creating orders for your customers through TWICE, choosing the correct rental duration is essential as it directly influences the automatically calculated rental price of your products. This article outlines the methods to select rental duration effectively.

Selecting Products Based on the Rental Period

When the rental period is a priority (e.g., renting a dress for a wedding), use this approach:

  • Determine Availability:

    • Choose the start date and rental duration from the dropdown menus to display available products.

    • Select the desired products, and TWICE will automatically calculate the return time and price.

  • Note: Without a selected product, the duration dropdown will list all rental periods defined in your product pricing tables.

Selecting the Rental Period Based on Products

When specific products are a priority (e.g., renting a specific red summer dress), follow these steps:

  • Choose Products:

    • Select the product your customer wishes to rent.

    • TWICE will then show all available rental periods for the chosen product in the dropdown menu.

  • Finalize Details:

    • Choose the start date and duration, and TWICE will automatically calculate the return time and price.

Selecting a Custom Duration and Price

For orders that require flexibility, such as renting a purple dress for two weeks when only shorter durations are typically offered:

  • Set Custom Duration:

    • Manually select the start and end time or pick a duration from the dropdown before selecting a product that lacks a predefined price for this duration.

  • Pricing Adjustments:

    • TWICE will extrapolate pricing based on the existing rates of each product if no defined price is available for the chosen duration.

Examples with Video

In the video below you'll find the three examples used above:

  • Laura: Book a dress available for a wedding on October 14th.

  • Carla: Book a red dress for any 4 days in October.

  • Debbie: Book a purple dress for 2 weeks without a predefined price and apply a discount.

Tips for Custom Rentals

When you select a custom rental duration that doesn't have a predefined price, ensure the pricing is extrapolated correctly. Always verify the total sum displayed in the order is accurate. Remember, you can easily modify the order duration and price for unpaid orders.

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