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Editing the Start Time of an Order
Editing the Start Time of an Order

How to Change the Start Time of an Upcoming Order in TWICE

Updated over a week ago

You can change the start time of your upcoming orders to any time in the future. This guide will show you how to alter the start time and explain how TWICE applies these changes.

Limitation: Start times for delivery and subscription orders cannot be changed manually.

How to Edit the Start Time of an Order

  1. Select Start Time:

    • In the right panel of the order details, click Select start time.

  2. Choose New Date and Time:

    • Select a new date and time from the calendar that appears. Availability is automatically calculated and displayed, showing available time slots in 15-minute increments within your opening hours by default. You can opt to display start times outside of your opening hours if needed.

  3. Save Changes:

    • Click Save to apply the new start time.

Implications of Changing the Start Time

Changing the start time of an order will automatically adjust the return time based on the original order duration.


  • Original Order:

    • Start Time: April 1st at 13:00

    • Duration: 1 day (24 hours)

    • End Time: April 2nd at 13:00

  • New Start Time:

    • Start Time: April 8th at 12:00

    • Duration: 1 day (24 hours) remains the same

    • Adjusted End Time: April 9th at 12:00

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