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Ending and Returning Orders in TWICE
Ending and Returning Orders in TWICE

How to End an Order and Ensure Accurate Inventory Management

Updated over a week ago

When a customer returns rented products, it's important to promptly end the order to maintain accurate inventory tracking. This guide explains how to end orders efficiently.

Ending an Order

  1. Navigate to Active Orders:

    • Go to Orders > Active and find the relevant order by scrolling or using the search field.

  2. Check Returned Items:

    • Click on the booking and verify that all rented items have been returned.

  3. End Order:

    • If everything is correct, click the End Order button at the bottom right of the page.

Ending an order on time ensures that TWICE’s availability calculation is accurate. If you forget to mark the order as completed, the included products will be counted as in stock from the end date selected at the time of booking (unless the return date has been manually changed).

Handling Security Deposits

For information on charging or releasing security deposits, please refer to our detailed article: Charging or Releasing Security Deposits.

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