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Your Active Orders

How to Navigate, Filter, and Utilize Your Active Rental Orders

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Active orders are those currently in progress and require close monitoring to ensure timely fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Navigating to Active Orders

  • Access: To view your active rental orders, navigate in the left menu of your TWICE Admin to Orders > Active. This section lists all orders that are currently underway.

How to Search for a Specific Order

  • Name or Product Code: Use the search bar on the top to search by the customer's first or last name, or enter an article ID to find a specific item within the orders.

  • Product: Use the dropdown menu to select and view orders containing a specific product.

  • Payment Status: Filter orders based on whether they have been paid or remain unpaid.

  • Purchase Type: Differentiate between types of orders—rental, subscription, or sales—using another dropdown menu.

Displayed Information Explained

  • Order Grouping: Active orders are organized by their scheduled return date, with orders due to be returned today listed first, followed by those with later return dates.

  • Order Card Layout:

    • Left Side: Displays the customer’s name and the total number of people included in the order.

    • Middle: Shows the total number of products in the order, detailing up to three specific products.

    • Right Side: Indicates the next return time for any product within the order, along with the day, date, and time. Additional details include whether the order is for delivery or pickup, the presence of any customer or staff comments, and payment status.

Possible Next Steps

From the active orders view, you have several operational options, such as:

  • Edit Orders: Modify details as necessary to accommodate changes in customer needs or order specifics.

  • End Orders: Process order completion as rentals are returned, updating the inventory and customer records accordingly.

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