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Finding Orders For Lift Tickets in TWICE
Finding Orders For Lift Tickets in TWICE

Learn How To Find Orders Containing Skidata Tickets in TWICE

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The Skidata integration allows consumers to buy lift tickets with either a new keycard or to use an existing one. In case of orders with a new keycard, a customer can pick up new keycards and lift tickets from the counter or Skidata self-service kiosks. Otherwise, the purchased lift tickets will be activated on the existing keycards, and customers can go straight to the gates.

View combined orders

On your regular Orders page, you can find and filter orders that include lift tickets.

This list shows just lift ticket orders, that include any non-Skidata product.

For instance, every order that includes equipment rentals, as well as a lift ticket sale, is listed here.

View only lift ticket orders

To view orders with only lift tickets, use the Skidata tab in your main navigation menu. Here you can track your lift ticket orders and check their status, however for modifying or canceling an order you may use Skidata.

Use the search bar to filter by customer name or Skidata Order ID

With the tab All selected on the top, you'll see an overview of all lift ticket orders through your Twice Store.

Click on the Pending tab at the top to view a list of orders that are missing information such as a photo or keycard number. Also, orders that haven't been created in Skidata are listed here. You can use this list to resolve issues by utilizing your Skidata system.

The Completed tab shows all lift ticket orders that have been fulfilled already. All customers in this tab should already be skiing your slopes.

The Canceled tab shows all lift ticket orders that were canceled.

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