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Understanding Inventory Articles

Learn What Articles Are and How to Utilize Them to Organize Your Inventory

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Inventory articles are at the heart of inventory management in TWICE, each representing a single, tangible item in your storage that is available for sale or rent to your customers.

Role of Inventory Articles

  • Physical Representation: Each article corresponds to an actual item in your warehouse or storage area.

  • Information Hub: Articles contain critical information, including a unique identifier, SKU-Code, and their designated purpose—whether for sale or rental.

  • Customization: TWICE provides certain fixed specifications for articles, but you can also include additional specifications to add detailed meta-information.

Detailed Specifications and Article Management

  • Article ID: Every article has a unique ID, which can be auto-generated by TWICE or manually entered, such as using the item's EAN code.

  • Inventory Specifications: Customize and track essential details about your articles:

    • Store Location: Assign articles to specific store locations if operating multiple outlets.

    • Status: Monitor the real-time status of each article—whether it's in use, out of use, lost, or sold.

    • Allocation: Specify if articles are available for rent or sale. Articles can have only one allocation, meaning they can be either for rent or sale.

    • Usage Tracking: Keep tabs on how frequently each article is rented out and for how many hours.

    • Type and Quantity: Indicate if articles are tracked individually (always a quantity of one) or not (i.e. in bulk).

    • Current State: Know at a glance whether an article is in stock or currently part of an active order.

Adding Additional Specifications

  • Business-Specific Details: Enter specifications such as Make, Model, Size, and Color, according to your unique business needs and product characteristics.

Example of Inventory Article View

  • Imagine a streamlined view within your TWICE platform where you can oversee and manage every aspect of your inventory articles, ensuring effective and efficient inventory control.

Screenshot of two different SKUs in the TWICE inventory. One, the city bike kids, showcasing bulk tracking of 5 articles, while the city bike adult are individually tracked articles, showing different states and allocations.

By fully leveraging inventory articles within TWICE, you can maintain precise control over your inventory, allowing for optimized order fulfillment and asset management.

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