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Editing Your Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in TWICE
Editing Your Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in TWICE

Learn How to Edit or Delete Your Stock Keeping Units in TWICE

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Maintaining accurate inventory records requires occasional updates to your SKUs. Whether you need to modify details or remove an SKU entirely, TWICE makes this process straightforward.

How to Find a Specific SKU

  1. Access SKUs: In your TWICE Admin App, go to the Inventory section and select Stock Keeping Units.

  2. Utilize Filters: Use the search bar to apply filters:

    • Store Location: (For multiple store locations) Filter SKUs by store availability.

    • SKU Code: Select from a dropdown list of SKUs (name and codes).

    • Search Bar: Type in keywords to search across all data fields.

    • Column Filters: Click on the three vertical dots to filter based on specific column values.

How to Edit a SKU

  1. Select SKU to Edit: In the Inventory's Stock Keeping Units page, click on the SKU you wish to update.

  2. Modify SKU Details: A new page will display an overview of the chosen SKU, including all associated articles, where you can edit as needed.

  3. Save Changes: Make sure to save any changes you've made to update the SKU details.

How to Delete a SKU

  1. Choose SKU: In the Inventory's Stock Keeping Units page, select the SKU you intend to remove by ticking its checkbox on the left side of the row.

  2. Delete SKU: Opt for the delete action to remove the SKU from your inventory.

Remember, when you make changes to your SKUs, these modifications will only influence future orders. It's important to carefully manage updates to your inventory to ensure consistency and accuracy moving forward, as any alterations to SKUs will not retroactively affect existing orders already processed or underway. Proper SKU management is crucial for maintaining a seamless operation and providing reliable service to your customers.

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