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2. Creating Inventory Articles

Learn How to Create, Edit, and Delete Inventory Articles in TWICE

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Efficiently managing your inventory continues with creating detailed articles in TWICE. These articles represent the individual items you offer and are essential for accurate inventory tracking and management.

Creating Articles in TWICE

  1. Access Inventory: In your TWICE Admin App, head to the Inventory section from the main menu and select Articles.

  2. Add Articles: Click on Add Articles to open the article creation page.

  3. Choose SKU: Select the relevant SKU that your new articles will be associated with.

  4. Set Article Specifications: Depending on your specific business needs, create and input the details for each article, such as size, color, and model.

  5. Assign Article IDs: You can either allow TWICE to auto-generate Article IDs or input your custom identifiers. For auto-generated IDs, specify the number of articles to create. For custom IDs, input each unique identifier manually.

  6. Determine Allocation: In the allocation dropdown, define whether the articles are available for rental or purchase.

  7. Finalize Articles: Click Add Articles to complete the process.

Example of Article Creation

For instance, you might be adding 5 Patagonia Responsibili-Tee shirts in size L as rental items under the SKU RD-T-SH-L.

Screenshot of the "Add articles" screen, showcasing how to add 5 Tshirts with multiple specifications, like size and color to the inventory.

Additional Resources

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  • Discover how to edit and delete articles and their specifications here.

Next Steps

β†’ Progress by connecting your products to your inventory here.


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