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Exporting Your TWICE Inventory

How to Export Inventory Data from TWICE

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Exporting your inventory from TWICE into a CSV file allows you to manage, analyze, and back up your data efficiently. This process is essential for maintaining a local copy of your inventory and ensuring that your records are up-to-date and secure.

How to Export Your TWICE Inventory

  1. Access Inventory Management: In your TWICE Admin, navigate to the Inventory section.

  2. Export Inventory:

    • Full Export: You can export your entire inventory at once by clicking the Export button. This action will generate a CSV file of your entire inventory.

    • Filtered Export: Apply filters to export specific parts of your inventory, such as certain SKUs or items from specific store locations, before clicking the Export button.

File Storage and Naming

  • Automatic Saving: The exported file will automatically be saved in your defined download folder.

  • File Naming: Files are named using a combination of the platform name and the export date. For example, an inventory export performed on October 25th, 2022, would be named twice_2022-10-25.csv.

Editing and Re-importing Your Inventory

  • Open With Spreadsheet Software: Open your exported CSV file with any spreadsheet software of your choice to make any necessary changes or analyses.

  • Import Updated Data: After editing, you can re-import the updated data back into TWICE via the inventory import feature, seamlessly updating your online records.

Tip: For large inventories, it is advisable to periodically export your data to a CSV file and save these backups locally. This practice helps prevent data loss and provides a reliable reference for inventory audits.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage your inventory outside of TWICE, providing flexibility in how you handle and analyze your inventory data.

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