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Prerequisites for Creating Custom Emails
Prerequisites for Creating Custom Emails

Learn About the Different Use Cases of Custom Emails and the Setup Requirements

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Integrating TWICE with your Gmail account gives you full control over your customer communication emails. You can disable the automated mails sent through TWICE and design your own Emails.

How Does This Automation Work?

Connecting TWICE to your Gmail account via Make allows you to create custom emails to automatically be sent to your customers entirely from scratch.

Depending on your use case, you will select a trigger in your TWICE Admin's integrations on which the automated email will be set off. Then, inn the automation tool, you will then craft the email that should be sent to your customers.

What Use Cases Does This Serve?

Setting up custom emails, allows you to have full control over your brand's appearance while sending fully tailored information to your customers. Here are some common use cases:

  • Create your own order confirmation emails, to add additional information.

  • Create automated feedback emails after a rental has ended, asking your customers to rate their experience.

  • Send reminder emails 3 days before a rental starts, reminding your customers about their upcoming rental.

  • ...

What You Need to Get Started

Before diving into the setup, ensure you have the following:

This setup is the beginning of a streamlined emailing process. Proceed to the next section, How to Create Custom Emails for your TWICE account, for detailed step-by-step instructions.

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