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Sending Custom Order Confirmation Emails to Your Customers
Sending Custom Order Confirmation Emails to Your Customers

How to automatically send custom email notifications to your customers

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Learn how to quickly set up automated, personalized emails to your customers for updates, feedback requests, confirmations, or much more. This simple guide requires no technical skills, can be completed in just 10 minutes, and requires no technical skills.

Note: Access to TWICE Webhooks is included in BUILD or ADVANCE subscriptions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Custom Order Confirmation Emails

For further use cases of custom emails please refer to our FAQs.

Step 1: Create a Webhook in Make

  1. Select Create a Webhook.

  2. Name the webhook, e.g., "Order confirmations", and click Save.

  3. Copy the address to your clipboard and keep this window open.

  4. Navigate to your TWICE Admin's integrations page through Account > Integrations and click Add Webhook. Apply the following settings:

    • From the Triggers on dropdown, choose order/created and click Next.

    • Paste the address you copied from Make into the URL field. Click Add and then Next.

    • Test your webhook by clicking Send Test Request. Upon success, click Next.

    • Label your TWICE webhook descriptively, for example, "Customer Order Confirmation Emails", and click Create Webhook.

  5. Return to your Make scenario, confirm the webhook status shows Success, and click Continue.

Step 2: Create Your Email

  1. Add the Gmail Module "Send an Email" right after the Webhook.

  2. Connect the module to your Google account

  3. Toggle on the "Map" switch to allow the module to receive information from the webhook.

  4. Select the "To" field and choose from the dropdown "1. data:customerDetails:email"

  5. Finally, add the subject line and the content.

    • You can use the elements pulled by the webhook to personalize the message.

Step 3: Save and Activate Your Scenario

Save your scenario setup in Make and toggle it on. Going forward, new TWICE orders will automatically trigger a customer order confirmation within seconds.

Step 4: Remember to switch off the TWICE emails

In your TWICE Admin > Settings > Emails switch off the automated Emails sent by TWICE, otherwise your customers will receive both emails.

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