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Connecting TWICE With Your Google Calendar

Learn How to Automatically Create Google Calendar Events From Your TWICE Bookings

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This guide walks you through the process of linking your TWICE account to your Google Calendar, enabling the automatic creation of calendar events for your TWICE bookings. This convenient setup allows you to visually manage your bookings in a calendar format, enhancing your organizational efficiency. The setup is straightforward, taking about 10 minutes, and requires no technical expertise.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Connection

Ensure you've prepared your Google and Make accounts as detailed in the prerequisites. If you've followed those steps, you should have the Make template open.

Step 1: Create a Webhook in Make

  1. Select Create a Webhook.

  2. Name the webhook, e.g., "TWICE Bookings", and click Save.

  3. Copy the address to your clipboard and keep this window open.

  4. Navigate to your TWICE Admin's integrations page through Account > Integrations and click Add Webhook. Apply the following settings:

    • From the Triggers on dropdown, choose order/updated and click Next.

    • Paste the address you copied from Make into the URL field. Click Add and then Next.

    • Test your webhook by clicking Send Test Request. Upon success, click Next.

    • Label your TWICE webhook descriptively, for example, "Send TWICE Orders to My Google Calendar", and click Create Webhook.

  5. Return to your Make scenario, confirm the webhook status shows Success, and click Continue.

Step 2: Connect Your Google Account

Under Connection, enter your Google account email and select the specific Google Calendar under Calendar ID. Click Continue.

Step 3: Configure Google Calendar Modules

For each of the three Google Calendar modules highlighted, follow these steps:

Screenshot of the entire make scenario, highlighting the three Google Calendar Modules to be adjusted.
  1. Under Connection, enter your Google account email and select your Google Calendar under Calendar ID.

  2. In the Event ID section, enable the Map field, select Event ID from the list, and click Continue. (only in highlighted Modules 1 and 3)

Final Step: Save and Activate Your Scenario

Save your scenario setup in Make and toggle it on. Going forward, new TWICE orders will automatically be reflected in your Google Calendar within seconds, and any updates or changes to orders will sync accordingly.

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